Prevention of Blindness

Cataract Operations

A cataract is the clouding of the lens in the eye leading to a decrease in vision.It can affect one or both eyes.Often it develops slowly. Symptoms may iclude blurry vision, trouble with bright lights (glare) but there is on pain

Cataracts are a major cause of Blindness in Zimbabwe. Consequently cataract operations are a major activity of the Council for the Blind. On average about 25 operations are carried out per outing. With 4 outings per month in each of the five provinces, about 500 cataract operations are carried out nationally every month.

In order to reach as many patients as possible Special eye camps are conducted. During an eye camp, which can last up to 4 days, between 75 and 300 cataract operations are carried out. Currently Council for the Blind conducts about 5 eye camps nationally every year.

Mobile Eye Units

Mobile Eye Units are an outreach programme. The main functions of the Mobile Eye Units are to screen all people who present themselves with eye complaints, carry out minor operations, advertise the eye care service, book and inform patients for major operations when and where the service will be available.

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